woman Sarah Maria ORR‏‎, daughter of James ORR and Elizabeth HARPER‏.
Born ‎± 1847 County Donegal, Ireland, died ‎22 Jul 1922 Christchurch, New Zealand‎, approximately 75 years, cause of death: WATSON, Sarah Maria
Notes from Terry Moulin, 2002:
Sarah was 25 yrs old when she emigrated on the "Mary Shephered" on 20 Aug 1873. with Andrew 3, Mary 1.
She had boys later to William, and is rumoured to have had 2 girls (Sadie & Queenie) to Robert Watson (her granddaughter (Joseph's youngest daughter Ray) said she remembered Queenie and that she had a "lazy eye").
However, her children refute this when contesting her estate in the Supreme court.
Lived in Halswell, Christchurch in 1886.

Notes from Nick Holmes, 2013:
Granddaughter Sarah Maria HANSON may be the "Sadie" referred to, as her headstone indicates she was known as Sadie. No clues as to "Queenie."
Update 2015: Newspaper article (Christchurch Press, 15 November, 1889)
"Robert Watson was charged with assaulting his wife, Sarah Maria Watson, on the 8th November. The complainant stated that they were driving home from the Show on the date in question, and the defendant called in at the Junction Hotel. Complainant told him not to be long, as the cows had to be milked. She waited till near dark, when she sent her little boy in for him, but he did not come, and she drove home. The defendant arrived home shortly afterwards, and assaulted her by beating and kicking her. Dr. Patrick gave evidence as to the nature of the injuries the complainant had received. The injuries could not have been caused by a fall from the trap. The defendant said he very likely ill-used the woman, but he was too drunk to remember. He was annoyed by her driving home without him. They had only been married three years. The Bench strongly advised the defendant to give up drink, and warned him that if he came up again on the same charge, he would be bound over to keep the peace. He would be fined 20s and costs."
The little boy referred to is likely to be Sarah's youngest son Thomas, who would have been 6 years old at the time.

Married ‎24 Dec 1868 County Donegal, Ireland (16 years married) to:

man William HOLMES‏‎, son of Andrew HOLMES and Rebecca ALLEN‏.
Born ‎24 Apr 1843 Raphoe, County Donegal, Ireland, baptised ‎7 May 1843 Raphoe, County Donegal, Ireland, died ‎11 Mar 1885 Christchurch, New Zealand‎, 41 years, cause of death: HOLMES, William
Notes from Terry Moulin, 2002:
A ploughman in Ireland.
Arrived on the "Mary Sheppard" 20 Aug 1873, docking at Lyttleton from Plymouth, England
Wed at 24 yrs old & lived at Carlayhey, Raphoe.
He was 28 years old when Joe was born.
Died accidentally falling off a load of straw as per Jury verdict.

Notes from Nick Holmes, 2016:
Christchurch Press, 13 March 1885: A fatal accident occurred at the Cashmere Homestead on Wednesday afternoon. William Holmes, a carter, employed upon the estate, fell from a load of straw, and died within a few minutes of the occurrence. An inquest was held yesterday afternoon before J.W.S. Coward, Esq., Coroner, when a verdict of "Accidental Death" was returned. The deceased was thirty-eight years of age, and leaves a widow and five children. He had been employed on the Cashmere estate for thirteen years.
Update 2018: Papers Past - William Holmes was a member of the Loyal Orange Lodge, No. 2, Purple Star, a Protestant secret society. As per his death & funeral notices in the Christchurch Press, 13 March 1885.


man Andrew "Andy" HOLMES‏‎
Born ‎18 Oct 1869 County Donegal, Ireland, died ‎1930‎, 60 or 61 years, cause of death: HOLMES, Andrew

Notes from Terry Moulin, 2002:
Crippled and lived with his brother Joe at Sydenham Park when his sister Ray was young.
Never married.
Was 14 years old when his Dad died.
woman Mary Jane HOLMES‏
Born ‎6 Oct 1871 County Donegal, Ireland, died ‎1943‎, 71 or 72 years, cause of death: HANSON, Mary Jane

Notes from Terry Moulin, 2002:
Halswell was her address 2/2/1905.
She cared for J W Hanson's son Vivian by Agnes Hood.
Mary was 12 yrs old when her Dad died.
man Joseph "Joe" HOLMES‏
Born ‎9 Jul 1874 Christchurch, New Zealand, died ‎22 Jul 1944 Christchurch, New Zealand‎, 70 years, cause of death: HOLMES, Joseph

Notes from Terry Moulin, 2002:
In 1899 his address was Linwood.
Had an Orangeman's sash.
Was a dairyman in 1905.
Caretaker of Sydenham Park, Christchurch for over 30 years including 1913-15 (Wise's Directory).
Was 10 years old when his Dad died.
Lived in Chch City Council house.

Biography by Pat Percival:
My grandfather was caretaker of Sydenham Park for 30 years. All the family attended Sydenham school.
My mother Mona & her youngest sister Ray attended Chch Girls' High, the younger boys attended Chch Boys' High.
The eldest son Joe was a baker and his nickname was "Doughy" Holmes. Nancy was a school teacher, as was Tom. Ray worked at the stocking box in Colombo St, Mona worked in the office at Adams Ltd. Graham was a welder and taught night school at Tech.
Rene & Ray played hockey, Mona basketball and the boys rugby.
After my grandfather retired he came to live with us at Bamford St (he & Grandma had separated) and she lived at Cashmere with Ray and died suddenly in her fifties.
I remember him with great affection, he always had a penny or threepence on his dresser for me! and always said I was the best girl he'd seen that day. It was until later I realized I was the only one he had seen!
I was 12 when he passed away, he was cremated and his ashes were scattered over Sydenham Park.

Notes from Fay Gray, 2014:
I can just remember him at Mona's place in Bamford Street in bed. Must have been just before he died. Think we went to visit him by bus as we did not have a car. I have been told that he and Dad (Graham) took all the pine trees for the Burwood Plantation in Christchurch to the area by horse and dray from Sydenham.
man William "Bill" HOLMES‏
Born ‎15 May 1879 Christchurch, New Zealand, died ‎13 sep 1943 Stratford, Taranaki, New Zealand‎, 64 years, cause of death: HOLMES, William

man Thomas "Tom" HOLMES‏
Born ‎10 Jun 1883 Halswell, Christchurch, New Zealand, died ‎14 Apr 1964 Riccarton, Christchurch, New Zealand‎, 80 years, cause of death: HOLMES, Thomas, buried ‎16 Jun 1964 Christchurch, New Zealand

Notes from Nick Holmes, 2013:
According to the records was just one year old when his dad (William) died accidentally. He would have been raised by his step-father, Robert Watson.

2nd marriage
woman Sarah Maria ORR‏‎, daughter of James ORR and Elizabeth HARPER‏.

Married ‎19 Oct 1886 Christchurch, New Zealand (35 years married) to:

man Robert WATSON‏‎