man Joseph "Joe" HOLMES‏‎, son of William HOLMES and Sarah Maria ORR‏.
Born ‎9 Jul 1874 Christchurch, New Zealand, died ‎22 Jul 1944 Christchurch, New Zealand‎, 70 years, cause of death: HOLMES, Joseph

Notes from Terry Moulin, 2002:
In 1899 his address was Linwood.
Had an Orangeman's sash.
Was a dairyman in 1905.
Caretaker of Sydenham Park, Christchurch for over 30 years including 1913-15 (Wise's Directory).
Was 10 years old when his Dad died.
Lived in Chch City Council house.

Biography by Pat Percival:
My grandfather was caretaker of Sydenham Park for 30 years. All the family attended Sydenham school.
My mother Mona & her youngest sister Ray attended Chch Girls' High, the younger boys attended Chch Boys' High.
The eldest son Joe was a baker and his nickname was "Doughy" Holmes. Nancy was a school teacher, as was Tom. Ray worked at the stocking box in Colombo St, Mona worked in the office at Adams Ltd. Graham was a welder and taught night school at Tech.
Rene & Ray played hockey, Mona basketball and the boys rugby.
After my grandfather retired he came to live with us at Bamford St (he & Grandma had separated) and she lived at Cashmere with Ray and died suddenly in her fifties.
I remember him with great affection, he always had a penny or threepence on his dresser for me! and always said I was the best girl he'd seen that day. It was until later I realized I was the only one he had seen!
I was 12 when he passed away, he was cremated and his ashes were scattered over Sydenham Park.

Notes from Fay Gray, 2014:
I can just remember him at Mona's place in Bamford Street in bed. Must have been just before he died. Think we went to visit him by bus as we did not have a car. I have been told that he and Dad (Graham) took all the pine trees for the Burwood Plantation in Christchurch to the area by horse and dray from Sydenham.

Married ‎1896 Christchurch, New Zealand (38 or 39 years married) to:

woman Violet HOOD‏‎, daughter of Arthur Alexander HOOD and Caroline Charlotte DOBBS‏.
Born ‎22 Aug 1877 Christchurch, New Zealand, died ‎27 Mar 1935‎, 57 years, cause of death: HOLMES, Violet
Notes from Terry Moulin, 2002:
Violet had a child, Kath, at age 17 who was raised by her husband Joseph HOLMES and herself.
She did a "Chinese trot".
In 1920-ish she sailed to England with Mrs Cherry while grandma Carrie HOOD looked after the family, who lived in Johnson St, Sydenham, Chch.
She crocheted.

Notes from Nick Holmes, 2013:
Sister of Ida Agnes HOOD, whose child was raised by Mary Jane HANSON, sister of Joseph HOLMES.


woman Kathlene May "Kath" HOOD‏
Also known as: Kathleen May HOLMES, born ‎12 Jan 1895 Christchurch, New Zealand, died ‎18 Jun 1974 Christchurch, New Zealand‎, 79 years, cause of death: WANDEN, Kathleen May

Notes from Terry Moulin, 2002:
Daughter of Violet HOOD. Birth registration does not list father's name.
Raised by Violet HOOD & Joseph HOLMES.

Notes from Nick Holmes, 2016:
School enrolments are under Kathleen May HOLMES, and give her birthdate as 21 Jan 1898.
man Joseph Frederick William HOLMES‏
Born ‎27 Aug 1899 Christchurch, New Zealand, died ‎29 Dec 1952 Christchurch, New Zealand‎, 53 years, cause of death: HOLMES, Joseph Frederick William

Notes from Terry Moulin, 2002:
His nickname was "Doughy". He worked at Beresford's as a baker and pastry-cook.
He went to Sydenham Primary school & Christchurch Boys' High.
Had trouble with lungs.
Also employed by Templetons/Marldon Cake Kitchen, Armagh St. Employee of Para Rubber also and also worked at Broadway Bakery.
Kept a boarder, Arthur Gray.
He was aged 20 when Clive was born.
woman Irene Caroline Phyllis HOLMES‏
Born ‎12 Nov 1900 Christchurch, New Zealand, died ‎1977 Christchurch, New Zealand‎, 76 or 77 years, cause of death: EDEN, Irene Caroline Phyllis
Notes from Terry Moulin, 2002:
Her nickname was "Sweety". Worked at Bristol Piano Co, office.
Rep hockey player for Canterbury. Also a good knitter.
Had diabetes and had one hand removed with gangrene.
Attended Miss Digby's Typing School.
man Thomas Donovan HOLMES‏‎
Born ‎17 Nov 1903 Christchurch, New Zealand, died ‎1971 Christchurch, New Zealand‎, 67 or 68 years, cause of death: HOLMES, Thomas Donovan

Notes from Fay Gray, 2014:
Was Deans Scholar (dux) of Christchurch Boys' High School and his cap and certificate together with old style records on the teaching of French were given back to the school on his death by Dad. He also played cricket for CBHS and there are photos of him on the school walls. He was assistant principal of Wellington College for a number of years and before coming to Christchurch with Kathleen and Rex when they retired he lived with them in Lower Hutt. He was very interested in classical music and I have a number of very old records with various classical operas and speeches by Prime Ministers etc. We kept in touch with Thomas, Rex & Kathleen when they shifted to Christchurch and they helped finance the purchase of a car for Dad and Mum who would take them out for drives to various picnic spots at weekends. Thomas never married.
woman Nancy Patricia HOLMES‏
Born ‎11 Dec 1905 Christchurch, New Zealand, died ‎30 Nov 1978 Sydney, NSW, Australia‎, 72 years, cause of death: BAKER, Nancy Patricia
man Graham Jack HOLMES‏
Born ‎14 Feb 1910 Christchurch, New Zealand, died ‎31 Jul 1975 Christchurch, New Zealand‎, 65 years, cause of death: HOLMES, Graham Jack

Notes from Fay Gray, 2014:
He played hockey and I have been told that he was the first male to umpire womens hockey in NZ but as yet I have not been able to confirm this. During the war he was in the Home Guard. He applied to the army but was not accepted because he had "flat feet". When Dad left school he took up work in the office of a Warehouse company but found this did not suit him. He left and went panel beating at Parks' garage in Christchurch and did this for a number of years. He then left and worked for Andrews and Beavan in their metal workshop for quite some time and was the first person to use a profile cutting machine. He cut all the steel for the bridge over the Clutha River in Alexandra and also the steel for what was the railway station then Science alive in Moorhouse Avenue in Christchurch. Now gone because of the earthquakes and the brickwork failing. He taught welding at Christchurch Technical College (now CPIT). He also had a contract to repair all the wire milk crates for the Christchurch area and did this from his garage at home at night and weekends. It was my job to hammer all the pieces of 8 gauge wire straight so he could weld them into place. He also drove a taxi for a while. He was Secretary of the Canterbury branch of the New Zealand Institute of Welding for a number of years and from letters I have on file he was well thought of at the time of his resignation. In his latter years he gave up welding and worked as a Verger at Christchurch Cathedral. I have a number of books etc that were given to tourists and they tell a very interesting story about the building of the Cathedral and on reading it reconstruction should not take place. He died after having Motor Neurone disease for three years.
woman Mona Mary "Bidy" HOLMES‏
Born ‎27 Jul 1912, died ‎22 Aug 1975‎, 63 years, cause of death: JAMES, Mona Mary
woman St Helen Violet Ray "Ray" HOLMES‏
Born ‎23 sep 1915 Christchurch, New Zealand, died ‎2002‎, 86 or 87 years, cause of death: MOULIN, St Helen Violet Ray