woman Emily CUTHBERT‏‎
Born ‎5 May 1820, died ‎29 Dec 1875‎, 55 years, cause of death: HOLMES, Emily

Married ‎4 Nov 1852 (23 years married) to:

man Dr. Charles HOLMES IV‏‎, son of Benjamin HOLMES I and Martha STEWART‏.
Born ‎23 Jun 1804 Meenahoney, Castlefin, Ireland, died ‎17 Mar 1891‎, 86 years, cause of death: HOLMES, Charles
He went to Dublin 7 Aug 1819, and was apprenticed to his uncle Dr. Joshua Holmes of 134 Dorest St; licensed to practicve Aug 1826; elected Apothecary to George's Dispensary 16 July 1829 and resigned 11 June 1847. He succeeded to his uncle Joshua's practice in March 1836, and continuing in the same house was elected a Director of Apothecaries Hall in Aug 1838, and was Governor of the same 1843-44. He graduated as M.D. at Glasgow, 1839. He passed away in 1891.


man Benjamin Charles HOLMES‏‎
Born ‎6 sep 1853, died ‎29 sep 1876‎, 23 years, cause of death: HOLMES, Benjamin Charles
Died unmarried.
man William Cuthbert HOLMES‏
Born ‎20 Nov 1854‎
Indian civil service, later of Victoria, B.C., Canada. On 9 Jan 1890, he married Clara Eveline Dumbleton, by whom he had three sons and one daughter. One of his sons was killed in WWI.
woman Celia Mary HOLMES‏
Born ‎18 Nov 1859, died ‎1 sep 1946‎, 86 years, cause of death: DENHAM, Celia Mary
woman Margaret Emily HOLMES‏
Born ‎26 May 1862‎