man John AULD‏‎, son of William AULD and Sarah Jane WILSON‏.
Born ‎1842 Armagh, Ireland, died ‎24 Oct 1886 Melbourne, VIC, Australia‎, 43 or 44 years, cause of death: AULD, John
Initial information on the AULD descendants comes from Wendy Moore's site:

Further notes from Laurie Thompson via Dale Gatherum-Goss, Sep 2016:
John was a bootmaker when he married Sarah.
There are numerous articles or advertisments in "The Argus" newspaper re John Auld.
John Auld was insolvent and seemed to have trouble with his business partners based on the number of different partnerships....
John died of a stroke. He was buried in the Melbourne Cemetary on Oct 26th.
Witnesses to the marriage were William George Williams & Thomas Heney
John, Mary & James Auld came to Australia on the "Naval Reserve" in 1864. This can be found on the Index to Unassisted Inward Passenger Lists British Ports 1852-1869.

Married ‎2 Jan 1868 Melbourne, VIC, Australia (18 years married) to:

woman Sarah Jane McCORKELL‏‎, daughter of John McCORKELL and Elizabeth HOLMES‏.
Born ‎2 Mar 1847 Campaspe Inn, VIC, Australia, baptised ‎13 sep 1850 Campaspe Inn, VIC, Australia, died ‎8 Dec 1909 Melbourne, VIC, Australia‎, 62 years, cause of death: AULD, Sarah Jane, buried ‎10 Dec 1909 Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Death notice of Sarah Jane McCorkell:
"AULD on the 8th December at her residence "Templemore" Mitchell Street
Brunswick , Sarah relict of the late John Auld and dearly loved mother of
Mrs. Hortop , Mrs Piper , Mrs. Butler and May and Willam Auld , aged 60
years . Passed Peacefully away."

This was John McCorkell`s home with the word Templemore in the front
door leadlight.


man John Wilson AULD‏‎
Born ‎1868 Melbourne, VIC, Australia, died ‎Feb 1870‎, 1 or 2 years, cause of death: AULD, John Wilson, buried ‎15 Feb 1870 Melbourne, VIC, Australia
woman Ruth Onelove McCorkill AULD‏
Born ‎8 Apr 1870 Melbourne, VIC, Australia, died ‎8 Jan 1927 Melbourne, VIC, Australia‎, 56 years, cause of death: HORTOP, Ruth Onelove McCorkill
According to Laurie Thompson, Ruth had dark hair and brown eyes with a fairish complexion.
Memorial notice for Henry & Ruth Hortop:
HORTOP.-In loving memory of our darling
parents, mother, passed away January
8, 1927; father, February 22, 1940. -Always
loved and remembered. (Inserted by Mrs. A.
Hansen and Mrs. J. Thompson.)
woman Florence Victoria AULD‏
Born ‎5 Jan 1872 Melbourne, VIC, Australia, died ‎15 Jan 1929 Melbourne, VIC, Australia‎, 57 years, cause of death: PIPER, Florence Victoria, buried ‎16 Jan 1929 Melbourne, VIC, Australia
man William George Fitzroy AULD‏
Born ‎23 Mar 1874 Melbourne, VIC, Australia, died ‎30 Mar 1928 Melbourne, VIC, Australia‎, 54 years, cause of death: AULD, William George Fitzroy
According to Laurie Thompson, William would walk around Fitzroy with a cock bird under his arm looking for a cock fight.
woman Lily AULD‏
Born ‎1876 Melbourne, VIC, Australia, died ‎1963 Murchison, VIC, Australia‎, 86 or 87 years, cause of death: BUTLER, Lily
woman Eveline B AULD‏‎
Born ‎Mar 1878 Melbourne, VIC, Australia, died ‎Apr 1880 Melbourne, VIC, Australia‎, 2 years, cause of death: AULD, Eveline B, buried ‎1 May 1880 Melbourne, VIC, Australia
woman Violet AULD‏‎
Born ‎Jan 1881 Melbourne, VIC, Australia, died ‎Aug 1881 Melbourne, VIC, Australia‎, under 1 year old, cause of death: AULD, Violet, buried ‎19 Aug 1881 Melbourne, VIC, Australia
woman Bertha May AULD‏
Born ‎24 May 1883 Melbourne, VIC, Australia, died ‎20 Jun 1954 Melbourne, VIC, Australia‎, 71 years, cause of death: KING, Bertha May, buried ‎22 Jun 1954 Melbourne, VIC, Australia